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Let your imagination go wild when making the variations of pesto for your main dish. One of the reasons I love cooking is that they just spark creativity in my mind and always have surprises waiting ahead, be it good or bad. The experience to embrace food philosophy and cater laboriously for our picky mouth buds is such a joy in life when it appears to be a successful outcome. So never give up making unique dishes for yourself; it is a rediscover - get refreshed again and again from making them!

Get to Know More about Royal Gourmet PD1300

When you are looking for a portable gas griddle with sufficient cooking space and cooking power, the Royal Gourmet PD1300 is something you cannot miss. As a popular model for outdoor cooking, PD1300 wins the reputation for its portability, easy to use and clean. Except the main functions and features, some detailed information of Royal Gourmet PD1300 is introduced here, and hope we can answer some of your questions and help you know better about this hot product.


It is the act of cooking food directly over the heat, more importantly, it is the first method used by humans to cook their food as well. With time goes by, it has remained unchanged. Tha’t why we all love it.


There's one day when I was thinking, why not mix some sweet fruit flavor in my homemade barbecue sauce? Then I put this thought into practice immediately. That is how this fruit-based barbecue sauce came into being. It was unexpectedly a big hit. Many of my friends love it and keep asking me for the recipe. The sweet and spicy flavors get mixed in a perfect degree, and the sauce matches most of the grilled food such as chicken, pork, beef, and some seafood.


Nowadays many people like making pizza at home, as this is an easy and fast way to deliver unique homemade flavor. Compared with pizza ovens, the grills are actually preferred by many people. No matter gas or charcoal, the smoke from grill will impart your pizza exceptional flavor that you simply can’t get from a regular oven. Moreover, the heat system inside a grill helps form a lovely golden crust. Who doesn’t want his pizza coming with this golden crust?

Grilling on Big Days, Grilling on Royal Gourmet® -A Brief Guide to Holiday Grilling

Grilling is mostly associated with joy, happiness and fun, thus people often choose to grill during holidays as a way of celebration. What are the typical American holidays that people would observe the tradition of grilling nationwide?

Steps to Follow before Grilling after a Long Winter

If you are a grilling enthusiast, you may grill all year round through winter, warm or cold, rain or snow. If you are not, chances are that you simply put away the grill when winter arrives and bring it back to work when spring returns. The fact is that no matter you grill during chilly winter or not, it’s always necessary to give the grill a comprehensive “body check and care” prior to first cooking in spring. Below are important steps you’d better follow before you fire up your grill for the first time in spring.

Various Heating Styles for Charcoal Grilling

When you are cooking on a charcoal grill, there are various heating styles you can choose. Here we bring you four heating styles along with their respective features, as well as what food types that each heating style is applicable to. The four heating styles include methods of direct heating, indirect heating, circular heating, and 50/50 heating. Actually it is all determined by the way how you place charcoals when it comes to which category your method falls into.

Breakfast on Royal Gourmet Portable Griddle

If you don’t want to raise the lid of that huge guy in your backyard, or if you own a charcoal grill but don’t want to spend half an hour lighting coals only for a simple breakfast, the Royal Gourmet portable griddle would be your great breakfast helper. The griddles are compact in size and you can simply place them on table top and start cooking, which is quick and easy. A good day starts with a good breakfast. From my perspective, breakfast means something simple but good quality. It doesn’t have to be complicated and fancy, because sometimes it’s better just to keep things simple. And this classic French toast recipe is a perfect start of the day.

Ideas for a Summer Backyard BBQ Party

Summer is in the air and are you excited about this? I believer for most grilling enthusiasts, the answer is definitely “yes” because summer is a season of grilling, a season for firing up your grill and throwing foods on grates! What fun it is to have lots of friends gathering around you by hosting a BBQ party at your backyard! Here we’ll bring you some ideas which will hopefully enlighten you to some extent.

BBQ Specialist Royal Gourmet® Sharing Tips on Proper Cleaning of Your Gas Grills

Cleaning grills sounds like an easy job, yet you still need to pay attention to some small details if you want to do it in a proper way. This is quite important in that a proper cleaning can ensure the good performance and extend service life. Now BBQ specialist Royal Gourmet® will provide you with some important tips you’d better follow in cleaning your gas grills.


Everyone loves grilling, but, have you ever noticed that your grills are facing a problem of perfomance degradation with time going by. To keep your gas grill in top cooking condition, you should clean it thoroughly when you start to use it. And it also will help extend the life of your grill.

How to Grill a Magnificent Burger

When you are in a mood of a burger, you don’t want get one which is dried out. So, how to cook a perfect burger? Here are some basic tips for burger lovers.