Review of Royal Gourmet® ZH3003S, 

a Similar Model to ZH3003


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Royal Gourmet® grill Model ZH3003S is a combo grill featured with both gas and charcoal grill section. The combo grill is a great option for grill enthusiasts who enjoy the flavor of both gas and charcoal. It is similar to Royal Gourmet® grill Model ZH3003. What are the common features and major differences? In this short review, we’ll first focus on major features of Model ZH3003S, and then brief you with major differences between these two models.   





Royal Gourmet® ZH3003S


Cooking Space

It boasts a total of 600 square inches of primary cooking space, with 300 square inches in charcoal section and 300 square inches in gas section respectively. The warming rack area totals about 210 square inches, with 105 square inches in charcoal and gas each. 


Cooking Grates

This grill combo comes with porcelain-coated cast iron grates for the main cooking space and porcelain wiring warming rack. It is a material easy to clean, anti-rust and moreover, helps to retain heat evenly. 


Built-in Thermometer

The two stainless steel lids are mounted with a thermometer on each. This helps to keep track of the internal temperature effectively and ensures to deliver perfect food at the right temperature. 


Storage Space

Two side tables provide sufficient space for food preparation, and the enclosed cabinet offers space for placing a gas cylinder securely as well as storage of grilling tools. The stainless steel cabinet doors make anything inside dust-free. 


Two Individual Oil Collection System

A grease cup for gas grilling residues and a draw-out ash tray for collecting charcoal burnouts are both available. This has facilitated cleanup after each cooking session. 



Four casters ensure easy transportation. You can just move around the grill freely and easily. 


Cooking Power of Gas Section

The gas section comes with 3 burners with 9,000 BTUs each, so that makes a total of 27,000 BTUs. With the automatic ignition system on the panel, it is easy and quick to start up the grill. Three knobs on the control panel allow for easy adjustment of heat ranging from low to high. 


Air Vents of Charcoal Section

The charcoal firebox comes with two air vents. By adjusting the air vents, you can easily adjust to your desired heat and temperature. An additional slide-away air vent on the control panel further allows for better control of airflow and heat. On the control panel, a spring handle is included to adjust height of the charcoal pan so that heat can be easily controlled.  



Major Differences between ZH3003S and ZH3003


1.ZH3003S is a stainless steel model, but ZH3003 is not.


2.ZH3003S comes with an enclosed cabinet with stainless steel doors, but ZH3003 only has a lower shelf. 


3.ZH3003S has four casters, while ZH3003 only has two casters. 



Warranty Period

The warranty period for both is the same, which is one year for each.