When is Time to Replace Your Charcoal Grill?




Your charcoal grill has been your great companion for many years. The fun and flavorful memories are unforgettable. However, after delivering delicious grilled results time after time, your best grilling partner becomes old and dirty with lots of problems. You might hesitate whether you should repair it or replace it.

Here we offered some simple clues, helping you decide whether it is time to replace your charcoal grill.


1.      Rust could be a grill’s biggest enemy. Most grills are kept outside in backyards, which means they are exposed to all kinds of weather – rain, sunshine, snow, or even worse conditions. Even the part claimed “stainless” will still get rusted. The rust, especially rust on legs, could make your grill less sturdy, which are really dangerous to people. More importantly, as the rust is on grates contact your food directly, these tiny metal particles would probably come into your mouth, which is pretty dangerous. You won’t want that happen to you, therefore, it’s time to replace your grill.


2.      Flaking paint is also a sign that you’ll have to replace the charcoal grill. After long time of use and exposure outdoor, the porcelain coating will face the problem of peeling off. The flaking paint will then cause the problem of rust or corrosion, which are potential hazards.


3.      Notice if your charcoal grill’s air vents are blocked. Air vents play an important role in temperature control. Many charcoal grills come with vents in the bottom and sides. If you are not doing regular clean ups, they are likely to get blocked. As long as your vents get blocked, the charcoal grill cannot perform as efficient as it did before. It is then the time to look for a new one.


4.      Accumulated grease is something grillers meet often. Proper maintenance will help reduce the grease and keep your charcoal grill in good condition. However, if the grease on grill cannot be removed since it has been used for long period, you should probably consider replacing your charcoal grill. Not only because of the low efficiency you’ll face, but also the potential fire hazards.


When you found your charcoal grill has problems mentioned above, you should seriously consider the replacement, because no matter how great the grilling event is, the safety always comes first.


Choosing a decent-quality charcoal grill and proper maintenance are the keys to have a long-term grilling joy. The Royal Gourmet charcoal grill with offset smoker is highly recommended here, simply meeting all your needs of a charcoal grilling and smoking.