Difference between LP Gas Grill and Natural Gas Grill



Some people might face the problem choosing fuel type of the grill. There are mainly three grill types considering fuel resources, gas, charcoal and electric grill. All overAmerica, gas grills appear to be most grillers’ choice, which are probably more than two thirds of the market share, since they are efficient and clean to cook.


As for gas grills, there are actually LP gas grills and natural gas grills considering the fuel choice. Practically speaking, both types work well in cooking. You can hardly tell the difference between the foods grilled by LP gas grill and natural grill.


The differences vary in cost, availability, and the convenience of use.


LP, namely Liquid Propane, comes in tanks and you can easily get from many stores. Most of the gas grills American people use are actually gas grills. The propane tanks can be directly connected to grill with a regulator, and then it’s ready to use. In addition, the tanks are reusable, so that you can refill them at a propane distributor. If someday you want to change your grilling spot, with the portable propane tanks, it can be easily realized.


Not like liquid propane, natural gas has to be purchased from a gas company. It comes in gas lines that you would hook to your grill, and it is relatively more costly. One thing great about the natural gas grill is that the gas comes steady consistently, in which case, you won’t need to worry if your fuel runs out in the middle of your cooking. Same reason, you don’t have to make any change periodically like people do to their propane tanks. However, since the natural gas line is fixed in some certain place in your house and the grill must stay close to the connection, you are not able to move your grill around your backyard. Some may say the less flexibility can be improved by adding extra long gas line, while it is actually not a way recommended, considering the safety reason. Moreover, it is necessary that you verify if the management of your apartment complex or community allows the natural gas line, and same goes for the local city law.


As a matter of fact, the choice between LP gas grills and natural gas grills depends on your personal preference, because all in all, you are going to cook great grilled results and having fun. That is grilling all about!