Tips for Grilling in the Rain




When we talk about grilling, what naturally enters our mind first is the lovely weather: sunny and warm. Everything is so beautiful. But what if we encounter bad weather such as a rainy day? Can we still grill? The answer is surely “yes” if you think positively and creatively, make thoughtful plans and take proper precautions. 


Safety Always Comes the First
Safety should always be considered as the top priority when you make plans. Here are 3 things you need to be highly aware of: First is that you never move the outdoor grill into the house. Second is that you can never grill under a tent because open flames and flare-ups can be a fire hazard. Third is that if the weather is truly very terrible with extremely heavy rain and wind or even lightning or thunders, I suppose it would be better for you to cook another way or on another day.



Dress Appropriately and Get Ready the Grill Shelter & Wind Shield

It helps a lot if a griller dresses appropriately wearing anti-slip shoes and raincoat. As for grill shelter, we have the following recommendations for your consideration: patio umbrella, BBQ canopy, retractable awnings, and even a permanent covered grilling station. You can select the type which better suits your specific need and purpose. Here’s the safety tip: please always mind the distance between the grill surface and the roof. There could be potential fire hazard if the distance is not far enough. 

Another issue is that very often rain and wind come hand in hand, and this is not quite good because wind can be a fire hazard and moreover, can cause much more difficulties to your cooking. It is for this reason that we highly recommend that you prepare a wind shield, too. 



Technical Strategies

Since low temperature and gusty wind will greatly affect heat, cooking time and food quality, it’s essential to cook in a more innovative way and take effective measures to tackle with the trouble. Below are some useful tips for your reference.


1. Go for the meat which you can cook low and slow, such as a brisket or whole chicken.


2. You can wrap food in foil with all the ingredients and then throw it on the grill. The foil can retain the heat and flavor inside. For meat, you need to turn once or twice, and for others, you don’t need to turn. By doing so, you are able to cook everything with much less trouble. 


3. Start your fire earlier and use more charcoal. In bad weather, it takes longer time for the grill to heat, and charcoal also takes longer to start.


4. Use a remote thermometer so that you can be away from rain and cold. 


5. Pre-cook meat in the oven until it’s nearly done, and then you throw it on the grill to finish, grilling and searing. This is a smart shortcut because the meat can still have the grilling flavor you are seeking, and at the same time can also greatly cut the grilling time. 


6. Keep the lid closed so that it takes less time to cook the food. 


7. Keep a close watch even if you are not always standing by the side of the grill, especially if it's windy.