Barbecued brisket is one of the most challenging recipes for pitmasters: it requires perfect proportion of smoke, heat and time to transfer into a moist, meaty flavor. It also needs much patience to wait for a great outcome, but trust me, all this worth it when you have a bite of sliced brisket taken from the hot cooking grate after hours steeped into the smoke.



Photo by Terje Sollie from Pexels




Grill recommend: CC1830F/CC1830S

3 lb brisket
1/2 cup paprika
3 tbsp black pepper
3 tbsp brown sugar
kosher salt, to taste
1 large disposable aluminum foil pan
hickory wood chips



Cut the fat off the large brisket chunk and rinse it in the water, then pat try with paper towel.


Mix paprika, black pepper, brown sugar and kosher salt together in a bowl and rub the mixture all over the brisket, including sides. You can then cook the brisket directly on the grill or, wrap it with a film and refrigerate for up to one night. Remember to rest the meat at room temperature for at least one hour before grilling if you go the second way.


Set up the charcoal grill at a low heat for indirect grilling. You are recommended to use Royal Gourmet CC1830F/CC1830S for the job.


When the grill is ready, throw about 1 cup of wood chips on the charcoal, and place the brisket in an aluminum foil pan close to the center of the grate, but away from the heat. Close the grill lid. 


Flip the meat over after three hours. The overall cooking time may take 5-6 hours depending on the size and thickness of your brisket. During the process you will need to replenish the coal and add more wood chips every hour to make sure there is sufficient smoke produced.


Take the brisket out and rest for 10 minutes; slice it and top with your favorite juice. Then enjoy it!





To get a more delicious meat, you can baste it with dripped juice in the foil pan at the time when replenishing coal and wood chips.