10 Best Vegetables for Grilling

With the staple grilling season on the way, it’s time to wake up your grill from a long winter snap. What would you cook then? Many people immediately think of hamburgers, steaks, BBQ pork or whatever, but don’t forget that you can also grill vegetables, which is also a great way to enjoy both delicious flavor and nutrition.


Think of a family gathering on a sunny afternoon in backyard, serving some grilled veggies as appetizers or side dishes would surely make your families happy.



10 Best Grilled Vegetables


1. Corns. You can grill the whole corn either directly on grate or in tin foil. They usually take longer to cook.


2. Potatoes. It is better to precook your potatoes, so that your friends and families won’t wait for long. A little chars out on the surface and soft inside, which is just perfect.


3. Zucchini. Simply put the fresh zucchinis on your grate and everything would be fine.


4. Peppers. Great choice to add color to your BBQ feast.


5. Eggplant. How can this list lack of eggplant. It is actually my favourite vegetables from grilling.


6. Mushrooms. Make mushroom skewers and have them well-seasoned, a great appetizer is simply done. Mushrooms are hard to beat, no matter how they are prepared.


7. Asparagus. Bacon-wrapped asparagus is just classic. Of course, it’s also a good choice just to grill asparagus. But remember to use skewers, as they will easily fall down in your grill.


8. Tomatoes. Some people would consider tomato a fruit. Well, it does require a little time to be done. If you are cooking burger patties, don’t forget to have your tomatoes grilled. You won’t want to miss tomato from the burgers.


9. Broccoli. Grilled broccoli is gorgeous, it’s just veggie steaks. You will love it once you tried the little green trees with grill marks.


10. Onions. Onions take a bit longer, and it produces great aroma. Onions can also be done in different ways. You can simply have a vegetable skewer with onion or add it to your grilled meat. Either way is perfect.



Tips and Techniques


1.      It’s ok to use no matter gas grill or charcoal grill, and grill your vegetables over medium heat;

2.      Use skewers or wrap vegetables in tin foil, avoiding some small pieces falling in your grill;

3.      Brush oil and sprinkle some salt and pepper before put the vegetables on grate;

4.      Don’t walk away. Always check your vegetables and don’t let them get burnt. Just a little bit char is good.


I would definitely encourage you to try these grilled vegetables mentioned above, which is also a simple and quick way to cook. Moreover, there are a ton of vegetable varieties available, you can just get creative and make your own recipes.


Who said you can’t eat healthy on grill? Go raising your lid and getting your veggies some gorgeous grill marks.


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