Classic American Burger Recipe


We have tasted hundreds of burgers in our life. Is there any burger that really impressed you?


Today’s recipe is about many people’s, mine as well, favourite burger: the classic American steak burger.


Speaking of steak burger, it’s mostly about the steak. Therefore, most importantly, you’ll need to prepare some fresh prime steaks.


The decent-quality steak itself will provide you extraordinary delicious flavor. I personally would not recommend seasoning it with lots of rub. Over-seasoned steak is likely to make you miss the unique flavor from the steak itself. How can you call it a great steak burger if you can’t have much steak flavor?


When your prime steaks are ready, simply sprinkle some kosher salt and fresh ground pepper before placing them to the grill. Like we do on all burger patties, it’s significant to dimple the burger right in the middle, which will help prevent your steak from pumping up after cooking. It’s a trick you’ll probably be told from every burger makers.


The preparation is just simple, and then it’s time to grill!


If you prefer your burger comes with more smokey flavor, it’s recommended to use a charcoal grill or smoker, and place your steak on the indirect heat zone. This low and slow way of cooking will lend your steak great smokey flavor. If your guests are already there waiting, a gas grill will also work well with your steaks.


Every griller loves it the moment when they place the meat on grates, the sizzling sound will simply make every mouth watering.


Impart a little more flavor with salt and pepper during the grilling, and then all you need to do is let the food do its magic.


This time we’re talking about the steak burger cooked on gas grill. Therefore, the steaks become ready to flip in 3 or 4 minutes. But remember not to press the steak with your grilling spatula, as this will lead the juice out. Juicy is an essential when we considering a great burger.


After flipping your steaks, you’ll see the beautiful sear marks which make the steak more appealing.


One minute before your steak is done, you can add a piece of cheese on each steak. Just the old school American cheese would be good. Close the grill lid for a minute and let the cheese melt slowly. The great American steak burger is nearly done!


When the lovely steaks coming out of your grill, let them rest for one minute, prepare the buns, lettuce and pickle the same time. Then the classic juicy steak burgers are ready to go!


Anytime you grill, you won’t go wrong with this transcendent repast.