How to Grill a Magnificent Burger


When you are in a mood of a burger, you don’t want get one which is dried out. So, how to cook a perfect burger? Here are some basic tips for burger lovers.

Firstly and very importantly, choose the right meat. 80% lean and 20% fat ground beef would be perfect. A little bit fatter is good as well. Just make sure it’s at least 20% of fat, so that your burger will taste moisture.

What we want from a magnificent burger is simple: juicy and flavorful.


Form the patties slightly. Remember not to over do it, which won’t lead to a juicy burger. You can form the patties either with your hands or with tools. If you are in a grill party while you need to feed a big group, it is better to go with the burger patty press. It will help you forming patties more efficiently with same sizes, but remember to choice a non-stick one for no-fuss patty removal. It is a trick to press with your finger right in the middle of the patties, so that they come with good shapes and moisture.



Royal Gourmet burger patty press

As for the seasoning part, in fact you don’t need to prepare lots of seasonings, just the basic salt and pepper would bring perfect burger.

During the grilling, set your grill up with medium heat. It is important to cook all the way through, flip only once is just enough. That is significant for making a perfect burger, as the more times flipping would probably push out moisture from burgers.

Medium heat and 3-4 minutes for each side will help bring lovely grill marks to your burgers.

When your burgers are done, cover them with sliced cheese and leave them melting for about 30-40 minutes. Meanwhile, you’ve got some time to toast your buns in the low temperature part.

The magnificent burgers are cooked simply this way. As a matter of fact, everybody can cook a perfect burger, as long as you keep practicing. So go rising your grill lid and try it, with the grilling season coming in the air, it is your time to show off.